Nyanza Vanilla Extract Kit

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Burlap & Barrel Nyanza Vanilla is grown in the hills around Nyanza (aka Lake Victoria) in Tanzania, where the altitude, rich soil and temperate climate produce an especially rich, sweet vanilla.

The DIY Vanilla Extract Kit contains chopped-up, vine-ripened split pods, perfect for making your own vanilla extract. We have 10 grams of chopped vanilla and room to add 100ml of your favorite spirit.

Origin: Kagera, Tanzania
Process: Sun-dried during the day, cured in wooden boxes overnight
Ingredients: Vanilla planifolia, chopped pod
Tasting notes: Toasted Hazelnut • Dates • Tannins
Pairs well with: Pemba Cloves, Stone Nutmeg, Royal Cinnamon

Size: 0.35oz glass jar

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Nyanza Vanilla Extract Kit
$13.00 $