Sweet Allspice

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Burlap & Barrel’s Allspice powder is made with dried berry of a beautiful evergreen tree, and one of the few classic spices indigenous to the new world. Used widely in Caribbean and Mexican cuisines, its characteristic combination of sugar and spice is a key element of jerk chicken, mole sauces and many other dishes.

Sweet allspice has a characteristic smoky warmth, reminiscent of toasted almonds and baked fruit. It’s a perfect addition to spiced holiday desserts like pumpkin or apple pie; it adds depth and complexity to beverages like cocktails, chai masala or hot chocolate; and it even works well with meat dishes like chili, bolognese or curries.

Origin: Alta Verapaz, Guatemala
Process: Sun-dried
Ingredients: Ground allspice (Pimenta dioica)
Tasting notes: Baked Apple • Toasted Almond • Smoke
Size: 2.0 oz glass jar
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Sweet Allspice
$8.99 $