Salted Caramel Kaya

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This decadent, silky smooth coconut jam is a staple in Malaysian kopitiam (coffee shop) breakfasts.

Made with premium coconut milk, eggs, and sugar this Kaya is flavored with dairy-free Salted Caramel – great for anyone who’s lactose-intolerant yet loves salted caramel.

Of the two different flavors of Kaya, this is the more traditional one.
The Kaya is slow-cooked for hours following a traditional method
and yields a smooth, scrumptious delight to add enticing flavor
to all your favorite sweet treats.

• – Family recipe
• – Handmade in small batches
• – 100% natural ingredients
• – No added preservatives
• – Made in Brooklyn

Size: 8oz/237g

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Auria's Malaysian Kitchen | Salted Caramel Kaya | Boxwalla
Salted Caramel Kaya
$10.00 $

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