February Beauty Box Hints

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We seem to have started a tradition over the years of dropping hints to the Beauty Subscription Box in the form of a poem puzzle. This usually happens over on our Instagram account, but I thought I’d start posting it over here as well, for those of you not on social media.

Here is the February Beauty Poem Puzzle, the riddle that sometimes rhymes. So put on your thinking hats & guess away!

February Beauty Box Theme: ✨The Truth about Gardens & Dreams✨

Somewhere, where it’s summer
There is a Secret Garden;
With Jasmine & with Roses
And trees with Plums & Lemon.

A pair of flying lovers
Float above the fleeting flowers
Laying image over image
Like bricks with memories.

Like hands that keep on holding 
On a Yuzu scented night
There is comfort, there is softness
As the dreams melt into light.

And you find yourself asking 
As you feel the Honeyed breeze
What’s a garden without trees?
What are flowers without bees?
What’s that word you don’t remember
When you wake up from your dreams?
Any guesses?
The February Box contains two full-sized products from a new brand that we are featuring for the first time! The products are just exquisite & true winter saviors (without being oils or balms). I cannot wait for you to experience them. February Beauty subscriptions are now open!

Painting: A Bouquet of Flying Lovers by Marc Chagall

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