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Lepaar wanted to create a sustainable biodynamic luxury wholistic skincare line, aligned with ethos and love for artisanal refinement + natural beauty.

Hand-blended in small batches with the lunar cycle, to harness celestial energy and sync our processes with the natural ebb and flow of Nature. Whole compositions that honour the skin as the largest organ, nurture the body, and harmonise the spiritual beings we are. Regardless of age, gender, or ethnicity. Deeply complex, naturally active, synergistic compositions, formulated with sun-infused whole plant extracts, minimum intervention plant oils and pure minerals. Composed to align body’s 5 sensory system, support, balance and strengthen healthy skin function, energise life force, and harmonise the whole human being – body, soul, spirit.

Ingredients are organic, biodynamic or wildcrafted, sustainably grown, harvested and processed with love and respect for Earth.

Johanna and Christo Everingham bring their strengths & unique world views together, to create exquisite things for their brand Lepaar. They believe in ‘wholistic luxury’, in creating modern classics, in crafting things that are ‘alive’, pulsating with stories of people and places. ​Introduced to organic cosmetic crafting by her alchemist mother, Johanna has been making her own skincare compositions for over 20 years. Christo’s interest has been in the exploration of culture – his wanderings have been an exploration of the spirit in all things.



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